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5 Reasons to #ShopHarlem

By chris 4 years ago
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1. Zara’s Blue Dress

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with Zara. 25% of my closet is Zara. So is yours, probably. Some of their pieces, like this denim off-the-shoulder dress, are so ubiquitous they have their own Instagram accounts. Don’t you want to wear something original? Wouldn’t it be nice to not be twinsies with the rando across the room?

2. Dapper Dan

Back in the day, luxury brands used to creep on Harlem’s iconic 125th Street to get inspiration for their next collection. We know this to STILL be the case because of Dapper Dan. His recent collaboration with Gucci is putting Harlem fashion back on the map.

3. The Harlem Renaissance

Harlem fashion has been lit since the 1920s. Imagine a world where furs, feathers and pearls were the norm. A lot of these styles are coming back into fashion. And Harlem designers are still pushing the envelope and redefining what it means to be “fashionable”.

4. Ethical Fashion

When you think about ethical fashion, do you imagine village women beading tea towels to be sold on a glossy website created by well traveled and “well meaning” white Harvard graduates? Because the pair of wooden earrings sold on 125th are just as sustainable even though the African artisan who made them lives in the US, is a small business owner and is empowered to keep all of her profit for herself and her family.

5. Black Style Matters

Harlem is a hot bed of black creativity- which means Black designers, stylists and boutique owners. They need your support in real time to actually survive-rather than just rage tweets the next time a white brand culturally misappropriates their designs and threatens their livelihood.

  Black Fashion, Harlem, Sustainable Fashion
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