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Welcome to an experience I call Sidewalk Safaris. I’ll take you on an anthropological expedition of Harlem’s fashion scene. You’ll learn about the history of black fashion in America, because it all started in Harlem. For years, high fashion brands have come to Harlem’s iconic 125th Street to get inspired. We’re going to deep disco dive into this culture, using fashion as our lens.

You’ll learn how fashion in Harlem has evolved, while always remaining innovative and empowering. We’ll visit the best local boutiques, browsing the racks for the hidden fashion finds that most NYC visitors miss. I’m going to reinvigorate your understanding of Harlem, and empower you with new, exciting, and informed style choices.


You can’t come to New York, the fashion capital of the world, and not shop. That’s unthinkable! Avoid getting overwhelmed with all the sartorial options and let an expert lead you through the best local boutiques this town has to offer, ones that specifically fit your personal style. This is an educational experience with an ivy league-educated fashion designer who integrates her fashion expertise with her PhD in anthropology to give a unique, humorous, fashion forward perspective, and some practical fashion advice!

Ready to try something new? You need a break from shopping at the same 5 stores you always go to. You need the outfit that cool girl, with the funky haircut, who just passed you is wearing. She got that from a quirky local boutique on an ambiguous back street. We’ll help you find it.

Every adventurer is driven by the quest to find the best that other cultures have to offer. The best landmarks, the best food, the best music. We will help you to find the best fashion-the good stuff that only the locals know about. Bring a camera, wear comfortable shoes, and be ready to feel fabulous!


We’ll start by visiting Harlem’s most historic fashion landmarks on 125th Street, the heart of Manhattan’s black community, and then explore three to four nearby boutiques personally selected to complement your particular style.


If you want a personally customized tour, we can plan something just for you. In addition to our shopping adventure, you will have the option of adding such perks as a pre-fix meal at the best local restaurant, a cocktail hour and a chauffeured tour of the area. For private tours, please email sidewalksafaris@www.tctproject.com.